Polar Coding for the General Wiretap Channel With ... - IEEE Xplore

polar codes, namely, universal polar coding and polar coding for asymmetric channels, we propose a polar coding scheme to achieve the secrecy capacity of ...

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Polar Coding for the General Wiretap Channel With ... - IEEE Xplore


polar codes, namely, universal polar coding and polar coding for asymmetric channels, we propose a polar coding scheme to achieve the secrecy capacity of ...

An HD IPTV system based on scalable video coding - IEEE Xplore


This system can provide. HD IPTV in real-time. We rewrite the SVC bit-stream on edge server, so that the end-user only gets the AVC bit-stream. This.

5G multi-antenna V2V channel modeling with a 3D ... - IEEE Xplore


Email: [email protected] Apostolos Kousaridas, Panagiotis Spapis,. Serkan Ayaz and Chan Zhou. Huawei Technologies, German Research Center.

3-D Millimeter-Wave Statistical Channel Model for 5G ... - IEEE Xplore


14 May 2016 ... Rappaport,. “3D mmWave channel model proposal,” in Proc. IEEE 80th Veh. Technol. Conf. (VTC Fall), Sep. 2014, pp. 1–6. [35] ...

Energy efficient transmission scheduling for channel ... - IEEE Xplore


Energy Efficient Transmission Scheduling for. Channel-adaptive Wireless Energy Transfer. Baran Tan Bacinoglu∗, Onur Kaya†, Elif Uysal-Biyikoglu∗. ∗. METU ...

A Self-Tuning zSlices-Based General Type-2 Fuzzy PI ... - IEEE Xplore


31 Jul 2015 ... Tufan Kumbasar, Member, IEEE, and Hani Hagras, Fellow, IEEE ... case followed in conventional or self-tuning fuzzy controller design.

Systematic Polar Coding


E. Arıkan is with the Department of Electrical-Electronics Engineering,. Bilkent University, Ankara, 06800, Turkey (e-mail: [email protected]). This work ...

A Short Course on Polar Coding - Theory and Applications


25 May 2016 ... Erdal Arıkan. Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department, ... [1] O. Dizdar and E. Arıkan, arXiv:1412.3829, 2014. [2] Y. Fan and C.-Y. Tsui, ...

Polar Coding for Bit-Interleaved Coded Modulation - Home of ...


POLAR codes, introduced by Arıkan in [1], are the first provably ... H. Mahdavifar is with Modem R&D, Samsung Electronics, San Diego, CA. 92121, USA. (e-mail: ...

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Cildinizde parfüm veya sinek kovucu varsa, bu maddeler kalp atış hızı sensörüne kesinlikle temas etmemelidir. Teknik Özellikler. Pil tipi. CR 2025. Pil sızdırmazlık.

IEEE Xplore® Digital Library – IEEE ile Nasıl Yayın Yapılır? - Ulakbim


5 May 2015 ... IEEE Power Electronics Magazine. Listenin tamamı ... over Networks. IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Magazine ... Neden IEEE Yayınları?

IEEE 802.11ax Uplink Scheduler to Minimize Delay: a ... - IEEE Xplore


Thus, nobody can guarantee that being applied to 11ax networks the LTE scheduler remain the best one. In this paper, we compare the OFDMA schemes in. IEEE ...

A New Coding Paradigm for the Primitive Relay Channel


23 Oct 2019 ... separate signals: YSD from the source and YRD from the relay. ... R ≤ I(XS; YSD, ˜YSR) h2 (√a ln 2 ... Istanbul, Turkey, July 2013, pp.

IEEE 13th signal processing and communications ... - IEEE Xplore


18 May 2005 ... Arif Başgümüş, Ahmet Altuncu. Gezgin İletişim Devrelerinin Yapay Sinir Ağı ile Tasarımı ve Tipik Bir Uygulama Örneği. 55 siu05_0113_001.pdf.

2009 Index IEEE Transactions on Industrial ... - IEEE Xplore


Burger, S., see Raggl, K., TIE June 2009 2076-2085. Buschiazzo, P. ... 2009 4-11. Kayacan, E., Oniz, Y., and Kaynak, O., A Grey System Modeling Approach for.

2019 Index IEEE Sensors Journal Vol. 19 - IEEE Xplore


Chia, L., Bhardwaj, B., Lu, P., and Bridgelall, R., Railroad Track Condition. Monitoring ... Dimyati, K., seeYusof, H.H.M., JSEN April 1, 2019 2442-2449. Dinesen, B. ... Sputtered Gold Schottky Contacts; JSEN May 1, 2019 3232-3239. Rakic, A.D. ...

Challenges and some new directions in channel coding Arikan, Erdal


Arikan, E., Ul Hassan, N., Lentmaier, M., Montorsi, G., & Sayir, J. (2015). Challenges and some new directions in channel coding. Journal of Communications ...

Signal Processing, IEEE Transactio - IEEE Xplore


Ali N. Akansu, M. V. Tazebay, and Richard A. Haddad. Abstract—Orthogonal transmultiplexers have been successfully utilized for multiuser communications.

Combined speech and channel coding for mobile radio ... - Core


Jim Caverg. ~ x m e r. Dr. Shawn Stapleton ... Modulator dexer. I bit group. s o n coden. Channel. User speech. Bit. Demulti-. Oc. Decoder. Merger plexer ?



Andrea Baiocchi. University of Roma Sapienza. Italy ... Andrea Lanzi. Università degli Studi di Milano. Italy ... Sasu Tarkoma. University of Helsinki. Finland ...

Organization - IEEE Xplore


¨Ozgür Barıs Akan, METU EEE, Turkey,. Program Committee Members. Adnan Yazıcı (Middle East Technical University, Turkey). Adrian Bors (University of York, ...

Fiber - IEEE Xplore


Ibrahim Can Sezgin, Thomas Eriksson, Johan Gustavsson and Christian Fager. Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden [email protected]

kronecker - IEEE Xplore


Deficiencies of 'Kronecker' MlMO radio channel model. H. Orcelik, M. Herdin, W. Weichselberger,. J. Wallace and E. Bonek. Evidence that the 'Kronecker' model ...

What Does This Magazine Mean to You? [Editorial] - IEEE Xplore


19 Jul 2017 ... July 2017 IEEE SyStEmS, man, & CybErnEtICS magazInE. 3 hile at an IEEE meeting recently, I was introduced to a prominent fellow at.

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Necdet Sinan Özbek, İlyas Eker. 23- ID-049. On Robust Control of Induction Motor with Multicell Inverter for PV Pumping Applications. Boudjana Said, Tadjine ...

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Emil Ruder: A Future for Design. Principles in Screen Typography. Hilary Kenna. Introduction. This paper sets out to explore the way in which the renowned.

Chapter news - IEEE Xplore


9 Jun 2014 ... tive Solvers,” Prof. Levent Gurel, Bilkent University, Turkey. ... Tainan: Jui-Han Lu ([email protected]). Taipei: Ruey-Bing Hwang ...

Microelectronic circuits - IEEE Xplore


1983, November 1982. Reprinted from ZEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, vol. QE-18,. Microelectronic Circuits-A. S. Sedra and K. C. Smith (New York: CBS.

William R. Hewlett - IEEE Xplore


William Redington Hewlett. (Fig. 1) was born May 20, 1913, in. Ann Arbor, MI, where his father,. A. W. Hewlett, taught at the Univer ...

Digital holography - IEEE Xplore


[59] R. K. Mueller, E. Marom, and D. Fritzler, “Some problems associated. Bendix Tech. J., vol. 2, Summer 1969, p. 15. with optical image formation from acoustic ...

Pass the Parcel - IEEE Xplore


One of her series, Painted Music, produced Nights in White Satin (see Figure 2). Even though the im- age is based on the famous Moody Blues tune, Ag-.

Ferroelectric sensors - IEEE Xplore


Index Terms—Ferroelectric, piezoelectric, pyroelectric, ther- mistor, transducer. I. INTRODUCTION. FERROELECTRICS, being also pyroelectrics (thermo- electric ...

A Scheduler for Multipath TCP - IEEE Xplore


Abstract—We first explain problems with the default sched- uler used by the Linux kernel MPTCP implementation. Then we propose the design of a new scheduler.

A 16-Gb, 18-Gb/s/pin GDDR6 DRAM With Per-Bit ... - IEEE Xplore


14 Jan 2019 ... Young-Ju Kim , Hye-Jung Kwon, Su-Yeon Doo, Minsu Ahn, Yong-Hun Kim, Yong-Jae Lee, Dong-Seok Kang,. Sung-Geun Do, Chang-Yong ...

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Email: [email protected] Malika Mazouzi. 9905 Boulevard Saint-Laurent,. Montréal, Que.,Canada H3L2N5. Email: [email protected]